Skuda Aspabarata (Skythian Riders)
EB2 Skythian Riders
Skuda Aspabarata (Skythian Riders)

Primary Weapon

  • Type: bow
  • Attack: 7
  • Charge: 0
  • Lethality: 1
  • Range: 100
  • Ammo: 40

Secondary Weapon

  • Type: axe
  • Attack: 4
  • Charge: 4
  • Lethality: 1
  • Attributes: armor piercing


  • Armour: 5
  • Shield: 2
  • Skill: 3


  • Soldiers: 40
  • Cost: 1182
  • Upkeep: 295
  • Turns: 1


  • Morale: 4
  • Discipline: low
  • Training: trained


  • Hit Points: 1
  • Mass: 1
  • Attributes: Can board ships, Can hide in forests, Very Hardy, Peasant, Can perform Cantabrian Circle
  • Formation: square
  • Side/Back spacing: 3/4
  • Ownership: Bosporan, Getai, Sauromatae

The Skuda Aspabarata are versatile horse archers, capable of engaging in close quarters, but still lack the equipment to overcome heavier units.


These riders are the product of a tradition dating several centuries. Their forefathers were the first mounted archers to ever roam the steppe and right from the beginning they have shown their superiority in warfare. However the last turbulent century has introduced new tactics, which have made the Skuda Aspabarata even more deadly in close quarters. Nevertheless these men are first herdsmen and secondly warriors, therefore they will encounter difficulties engaging professional troops.

Historically the Skythian tribes were extremely successful right from the start of their expansion. Not only they managed to breed a new stronger horse, capable of bearing a man's weight, but also developed a new composite bow. Being of smaller construction it made turning about on the horse to shoot to the left or behind considerably easier. This Skythian design had dominated the steppes down to the Hellenistic period and allowed the Skythian royal tribe of the Skulata to become masters of the Pontic region. However from the 4th century BCE onwards they found themselves surrounded by hostile tribes, which exhausted Skythian resources and few riders found more sensible to join stronger confederacies. Also since the earliest contacts with other polities the Skuda eagerly offered their services as valuable mercenaries or policemen. Generally at home they preferred a calm life, but whenever armies invaded Varustana, as the Skuda called their steppe, the foreign commanders soon learned how futile such enterprise was, before their helmets were taken from their severed heads. Both turning into trophies, and the latter ceremoniously dedicated to the mother goddess Api.

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