Pantodapoi Phalangitai (Hellenic Native Phalanx)
Seleukid pantodapoi phalangitai
Pantodapoi Phalangitai (Hellenic Native Phalanx)

Primary Weapon

  • Type: Spear
  • Attack: 16
  • Charge: 0
  • Lethality: 0.17
  • Range: 0
  • Ammo: 0

Secondary Weapon

  • Type: axe
  • Attack: 5
  • Charge: 4
  • Lethality: 0.165


  • Armour: 8
  • Shield: 5
  • Skill: 4


  • Soldiers: 60
  • Cost: 1324
  • Upkeep: 331
  • Turns: 1


  • Morale: 8
  • Discipline: normal
  • Training: highly_trained


  • Hit Points: 1
  • Mass: 1.35
  • Attributes: Can board ships, Can hide in forest, Hardy
  • Formation: Square,Phalanx
  • Side/Back spacing: 1.1/1
  • Ownership: Arche Seleukeia, As'Sab'yn wal'Jau, Baktria, Hayasdan, Pahlav, Pontos

Pantodapoi Phalangitai (Hellenistic Native Phalanx)
EB2 Hellenic Native Phalanx
Pantodapoi Phalangitai (Hellenistic Native Phalanx)

Primary Weapon

  • Type: spear
  • Attack: 2
  • Charge: 0
  • Lethality: 1
  • Attributes: spear, long_pike, spear_bonus_10


  • Armour: 2
  • Shield: 4
  • Skill: 2


  • Soldiers: 96
  • Cost: 900
  • Upkeep: 225
  • Turns: 1


  • Morale: 3
  • Discipline: low
  • Training: trained


  • Hit Points: 1
  • Mass: 1.5
  • Attributes: Can board ships, Can hide in forests, Frightens cavalry, Peasant, Free Upkeep, Pike
  • Formation: Sqaure, Phalanx
  • Side/Back spacing: 1.13/1.86
  • Ownership: Arche Seleukeia, Pergamon, Pontos, Parthia, Hayasdan, Baktria

Pantodapoi Phalangitai are the standard levy of the Seleukid Kingdom and others influenced by the Successors. They are a viable phalanx unit, though they are less disciplined and motivated than other more trained troops.


Pantodapoi Phalangitai are the standard levy of the Seleukidos Kingdom and others influenced by the Diadochoi, including Pontos. They are tough and reliable infantry, but are prone to rebellion and discontent, and are hence more expensive than their Makedonian contemporaries. They are mostly levies of Ioudaioi, Syrioi, and Persai descent that are co-opted into the army. They fight as pikemen, with a soft leather cuirass, pikes, round Illyrian style shields and Phrygian caps. This makes them a viable pike unit, though they are less disciplined and more prone to flee than more reliable Hellenes and Makedones that make up the Pezhetairoi. They can be counted upon to present a solid wall of spear points to the enemy, but their lack of discipline and intensive training makes them even more prone to a flanking attack.


Under an effective commander. The Pantodapoi Phalangitai are just as effective as their better armored and well-motivated counterparts. As long as they are in formation and their flanks are secure, they are an effective wall against the enemy force. Their highly lethal and armor-piercing axes can make them an effective backup infantry against any armored unit and also against any heavy cavalry that has managed to break against the phalanx.

They should be wary of any against any missile or skirmisher unit as they are devastating to the phalanx if they are hit in the shieldless flank or in the rear and also against cavalry charges in the rear as their low morale makes it easy for them to break and flee.

They are also very effective protectors of any frontline settlement as they are deadly in the city streets and also in the city square with effective positioning. All and all an excellent unit for a commander who desires a low-cost phalanx unit.

Note: They do not have any secondary weapons in EB2 due to the bug problems of the pike unit.

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