Europa Barbarorum features its own soundtrack, distinct from that of Rome: Total War. Some of its tracks were composed especially by Morgan Casey and Nick Wylie; others are examples of authentic music, the Celtic factions' tracks, for example, having been recorded by early music ensemble Prehistoric Music Ireland.


1. Europa Barbarorum Main Theme "by Nick Wylie"

2. Europa Barbarorum Main Theme Loop "by Nick Wylie"

3. Roman Theme "By Morgan Casey"

4. Roman Mobilize "By Morgan Casey"

5. Roman Battle Theme "By Morgan Casey"

6. Western Greek Theme "By Morgan Casey"

7. Western Greek Mobilize "By Morgan Casey"

8. Western Greek Battle "By Morgan Casey"

9. Eastern Theme "By Nick Wylie"

10. Eastern Mobilize "By Nick Wylie"

11. Eastern Battle Theme "By Nick Wylie"

12. Semitic Theme "By Nick Wylie"

13. Semitic Mobilize "By Nick Wylie"

14. Semitic Battle Theme "By Nick Wylie"

15. Eastern Greek Theme "By Nick Wylie"

16. Eastern Greek Mobilize "By Nick Wylie"

17. Eastern Greek Battle Theme "By Nick Wylie"

18. Barbarian Theme "By Nick Wylie"

19. Barbarian Mobilize "By Nick Wylie"

20. Barbarian Battle Theme "By Nick Wylie"

21. Nomadic Theme "By Morgan Casey & Nick Wylie"

22. Nomadic Mobilize "By Morgan Casey & Nick Wylie"

23. Nomadic Battle Theme "By Nick Wylie"

24. Tension "By Nick Wylie"

25. Defeat "By Nick Wylie"

26. Victory "By Nick Wylie"


Europa Barbarorum Soundtrack  Youtube Playlist

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