Kombaragoues (Boii Retainers)
EB2 Boii Retainers
Kombaragoues (Boii Retainers)

Primary Weapon

  • Type: javelin
  • Attack: 12
  • Charge: 0
  • Lethality: 1
  • Attributes: thrown before charge, thrown missle

Secondary Weapon

  • Type: spear
  • Attack: 8
  • Charge: 14
  • Lethality: 1
  • Attributes: light_spear, spear_bonus_4


  • Armour: 6
  • Shield: 7
  • Skill: 12


  • Soldiers: 64
  • Cost: 1925
  • Upkeep: 481
  • Turns: 1


  • Morale: 8
  • Discipline: disciplined
  • Training: trained


  • Hit Points: 1
  • Mass: 1.2
  • Attributes: Can baord ships, Can hide in forests, Inspires nearby units, Hardy
  • Formation: square
  • Side/Back spacing: 1.02/3.15
  • Ownership: Boii

Vassals and bodyguards of nobles and kings, the Kombaragoues are dedicated and elite heavy infantry swordsmen.


(Kom-bar-ag-o-wes - 'Those Who Share Bread')

Break bread, swig on beer and feast on beef. These are the acts of the men who sit at the high table with their lord and master. But such pleasantries are not free. When the time comes, when the carnyx is sounded and the battle is joined, the men who sit at the high table must join the fray, fearless for their own lives and determined to defend the honour of their leader. Mighty appetites have the men who join in the feast, but stronger courage also. The Kombaragoues pay for their feast with red blooded courage, courage which ensures that their master may hold his head up high when people ask what deeds he has performed on the field of battle.

Historically, although peoples like the Aruernoi and Aedui may be more familiar to the general public, not least because of their important role in the Gallic War and later French nationalism, for a long time it was the Boioi who were considered the greatest threat to Roma's northern border. The presence of the Boioi, as well as their neighbours the Insubres, was a constant worry to the Romani. The story of how the Gauls had sacked Roma was one with which many Romani were familiar. This is reflected in the way in which the Boioi were described by various classical authors. Appian described the Boioi as "the most savage of the Gallic tribes". Polybius, although subscribing to a caricature of barbarians, emphasized how important warfare was to the Boioi, and interestingly mentions the existence of retainers similar to the Kombaragoues, describing how important their numbers were to a leader's prestige. Strabo notes how the Boioi were one of the few peoples (the others being the Belgae and the Romani) to have successfully repulsed the Kimbroi and Tuetones when they ravaged Europe towards the end of the 2nd century BC. Finally, although by no means the only other author to comment on these people, Caesar states that the Boioi were renowned for their courage, a reputation which resulted in the Aedui requesting that the Boioi be allowed to settle in their territory following the defeat of the Heluetoi led migration of 58BC.