Gaisolitho Aljod (Celto-Germanic Spearmen)
Aed Gaisolitho Aljod
Gaisolitho Aljod (Celto-Germanic Spearmen)

Primary Weapon

  • Type: spear
  • Attack: 6
  • Charge: 6
  • Lethality: 1
  • Range: 47.3
  • Ammo: 2
  • Attributes: Thrown before charge, Thrown missile

Secondary Weapon

  • Type: spear
  • Attack: 15
  • Charge: 6
  • Lethality: 0.13
  • Attributes: Light spear


  • Armour: 2
  • Shield: 4
  • Skill: 12


  • Soldiers: 50
  • Cost: 1422
  • Upkeep: 356
  • Turns: 1


  • Morale: 11
  • Discipline: impetuous
  • Training: highly_trained


  • Hit Points: 1
  • Mass: 1.15
  • Attributes: Can board ships, Improved hiding in forest, Hardy
  • Formation: Square
  • Side/Back spacing: 0.76 / 1.1
  • Mount effects: elephant -4
  • Ownership: Aedui, Arverni, Swebozez, Eleutheroi

Celto-Germanic Spearmen live on the borders between Celtic and Germanic territories. They are capable warriors who fight with long shields, javelins, and Celtic longspears.


On the borders between Celtic and Germanic territories, the cultures overlap and give rise to troops that are a mesh of both cultures. These spearmen, the Gaisolitho Aljod are capable warriors who fight with long shields, javelins, and Celtic longspears that are excellent for killing horses. They throw javelins before charging, and can use their spears to absorb the shock of a cavalry rush. Their skills are a mix of Celtic and Germanic warfare and are a good addition to any army.

Historically, as Celtic and Germanic cultures fought, traded, and intermarried, their cultures melded, creating unique sub-cultures and mixed tribes, with melds of tactics, weapons, and military philosophies. Such warriors were generally very fierce, and their armies built around infantry. The employ of lengthy spears was common to defeat enemy cavalry, though they could be used to effect against infantry as well. Warriors of this type actually persisted for quite a long time; even up to the fall of Rome, less-Romanized Britons under Anglo-Saxon rule or culture would have been fairly similar troops.


These spearmen are the only factional unit the Swêboz can recruit in most Celtic lands, and vice versa - hence their importance for barbarian campaigns. For the Swêboz, they are available in Gaul, Britain, Central Europe, and even some places further east and south. For Aedui and Arverni, they are available in Germanic homeland provinces, as well as Vindelicos and Lugouw.

Reliable and disciplined like Dugundiz, they make a fine line unit and can hold off superior troops at need. Other assets are their large shields, providing decent protection from arrows, their comparatively high javelin range, allowing them to out-range most Germanic and some Gallic units, and their large unit size. They are very useful line troops, as well as a decent cavalry killers. Their only drawback is their lack of armour, which can be dangerous when presented with massive javelin hails or rear attacks.

Aed Gaisolitho Aljod AOR

Gaisolitho Aljod AOR