Eqvites Extraordinarii (Elite Heavy Cavalry of the Italic Allies)
SPQR Eqvites Extraordinarii
Eqvites Extraordinarii (Elite Heavy Cavalry of the Italic Allies)

Primary Weapon

  • Type: spear
  • Attack: 4
  • Charge: 34
  • Lethality: 0.38
  • Attributes: Armour piecring

Secondary Weapon

  • Type: sword
  • Attack: 9
  • Charge: 15
  • Lethality: 0.11
  • Atrributes: Armour piercing


  • Armour: 13
  • Shield: 0
  • Skill: 9


  • Soldiers: 25
  • Cost: 3088
  • Upkeep: 772
  • Turns: 1


  • Morale: 15
  • Discipline: disciplined
  • Training: highly_trained


  • Hit Points: 1
  • Mass: 1
  • Attributes: Can board ships, Can hide in forest, Hardy
  • Formation: Square
  • Side/Back spacing: 1.5 / 4
  • Mount effects: elephant -1, chariot +2
  • Ownership: Senatvs Popvlvsqve Romanvs

In a consular army the best third of the allied cavalry is selected to serve as extraordinarii. These are Italia’s best horsemen, fighting as lance armed shock cavalry.


The consuls can enroll the troops of the socii in all regions of Italia.

In a standard consular army the best third of the socii cavalry and the best fifth of their infantry are selected to serve as Extraordinarii, a special unit under the direct control of the consul, available for decisive maneuvres. On the march they are the advance or rear guard, defending the army against possible attacks.Equites Extraordinarii are the finest horsemen Italia can field, mostly drawn from the aristocracy of the horse breeding regions. Especially campanian cavalry proved to be a valuable addition for every roman army and many of them were picked as Equites Extraordinarii. Armed with Greek xyston lances and kopis slashing swords, they normally fight as shock cavalry, spared in battle for the decisive attack. To show their position in society most riders wear elaborately decorated armour, mainly bronze muscle cuirasses, attic helmets and greaves.


These are the much needed shock cavalry for pre-Marian Roman armies. They are best for decisive charges and suitable for cavalry fights. Due to the armour-piercing nature of both their weapons, they are especially efficient at tackling heavily armoured opponents. Combating and pursuing light units should be left to the Eqvites Romani, however.

Against most units, it is best to utilize the high charge value and then withdraw in order to prepare for a second charge.

Equites Extraordinarii are the Roman equivalent to Thessalian cavalry (with identical armament), though Extraordinarii are slightly inferior both stat-wise and in regard to cost efficiency.

SPQR Eqvites Extraordinarii AOR

Eqvites Extraordinarii AOR